House Leveling 101

"How the Unipile Pier Process Works"


At AAA Foundation Repair, we create a comprehensive repair plan tailor suited to your home which could incorporate some of the following methods: site drainage correction (including gutters), root barriers, soil stabilization, void filling, concrete pressed pilings, block & base supports, and/or wood supports. All of these can play an integral part in returning and maintaining the structural integrity of your home.

A small hole is created around the problem area.
The supporting piers are pressed into the ground one by one.
The piers are held in place by the Unipile Pier System.
The piers are capped with a solid concrete block pier cap.
A hydraulic jack is added to the block.
The jack raises the foundation into the correct position.
The jack is replaced by either concrete or steel cylinders.
The excavated area is filled in when ready.
The foundation is now incredibly secure thanks to AAA Foundation Repair!



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